Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brain teaser

problem 3.pgn no computers please solution tomorrow


ChessCounselor said...

Doug - A little confused - is it White to move? Do we know this by the game score 1-0? Bob

ChessCounselor said...

I'm just an unrated amateur, yet to play in a tournament, but ... assuming it is White to move, I don't see a forced mate, only ..
1. Kf8# Bxd7
2. Nxd7 g1Q
3. Rg4!

If Black takes the Rook (3 ... Qxg4) he suffers the spousal fork 4. Nxf6#, losing his Queen for a Rook and Pawn (after 4 ...Kh6 5. Nxg4# Kxh5, 6. Ne5 protecting the d3 pawn), leading to an endgame that I think White wins - a Knight and 2 separated pawns versus a Knight and a King on the edge of the board.

It's also bad for Black if the Queen doesn't take the Rook. He can't check White's king at c5 which is protected by the Knight on d7. If he moves his Queen to f2 to prevent Nxf6#, this is met by Rg6. No matter what Black does next, Nxf6# follows. If Black moves Kh8, then White mates with Rh6##. Black has to swap his Queen for the Knight to prolong his agony.

Either way, 3 Rg4 is a devastating move, and Black should extend his hand and pour a glass of wine. Looking forward to learning the solution from you experts, and thanks to the ChessDoctor for suggesting my new screen name!

Douglas Dubose said...

Excellent job Bob finding the solution,sorry if the 1-0 was confusing it meant white won.

thechessdoctor said...


Well done!

See you Wednesday.