Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chess Quiz

problem 4.pgn solution tomorrow if unsolved,no moving the pieces and no computer please.


procyk said...

I considered 3 options: Bd3, Bc4, Qc3
I. 1.Bd3 Nxe3? 2.Bxh7+ Kg7 Bxf6+
II. 1.Bd3 f5? 2.Qc3 f6 3.Bd4 and Q is lost in both variations but I could not find an answer to
III. 2.Bd3 e5!. So I switched to:
IV. 1.Bc4 Nxe3 2.Bxa2 Nc2+ 3.Kd2 and N is lost for 2 pawns.
It seems intended solution would be:
V. 1.Qc3 (intending 2.Bc4) Nxe3 2. Qxf6 e5 3.Bxe5 Nc2+ 4.Kf2 Ne3 5.Kg1 and no more checks. or 3. ... Ng2+ 4.Bxg2 Qxg2 5.Qh8 mate.

procyk said...
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procyk said...

And I guess in V. 1.Qc3 black can play 1. ... Bd7, but 2.Rxd7 would win th B. (again unless there is something I do not see.